ElectDr. Alan Northcutt

Waco TX District 5 City Council

Give Waco ACleaner Future

With a long career in Medicine, my life has been committed to helping people, both in Waco and overseas. Part of having a healthy community involves having a healthy environment. Our elected officials should be committed to making sure we serve our citizens and that means being smart about the choices we make where we work, live, and play. I’m committed to making sure Waco remains a great place for families; both today and in the future.

Improved Quality of Life

As a retired physician and medical missionary, I will work full time for a safe and pleasant local environment. Projects I support include improved park facilities; neighborhood preservation; safe streets for pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers; public dog parks; and improved transit facilities.

More Renewable & Clean Energy

More than 3 years ago I informed the City Council about the need to move to clean energy. I will continue to call for transition of the City fleet to electric vehicles (EVs), and for EV rebates to Waco citizens. Incentives should be established for rooftop solar, and weatherization provided for low-income individuals, which also decrease air pollution and create jobs.

Needed Voice of Science

In this time of pandemics and extreme weather, I will bring a balance to the City Council by providing a much-needed science-based voice for council decisions.

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